Adrydesign: Kalocsa Creations!


 Trendy, embroidered unique dresses!


The Trendy Kalocsa dress

My name is Adrienn Balogh, I have been designing clothes for 10 years now including costumes and dresses! Kalocsa embroidery relives its renaissance with its infinite number of patterns. Without exaggeration Kalocsa, which is equally famous for its folk art and pepper seasoning is also renowned for this unusual style of embroidery. The free drawing and the mixed stitch modes are without restriction in the world of folk embroidery, designs, colors and stitch modes. A real modern invention with historical roots! The characteristic flowers and leaves of all varieties are original and drawn by hand. This lends uniqueness to the clothes!

The Kalocsa nostalgic embroidery which is busy in colors and patterns fits magnificently into our modern times. This could be an adornment to your T-shirt, trousers, occasional dress, and any of your cloths! The variation of colors and patterns are endless! Original ideas, unique creations!

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